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The Easiest Way to Get a Job Without Previous Work Experience!

Right now, I have two jobs, and it’s only my first semester at AUC!  

Let me have you in on the secret.  

The secret that I discovered in a strange way.  

On an amusing Facebook scroll,  

There was a comment I accidentally clicked on…  

 I thought I was going to get hacked, but…  

It turned out to be a gateway to many opportunities and experiences, that made me an early-riser for success, in stead of only being so for my 8:30 classes.  

The secret is a long-standing one, one that started before I joined AUC.  

One that is generational, traced back to the 6,500+ students AUC is designed to accommodate at once that came before me.  

The traces they left founded my success, for they created platforms that were inclusive to everyone waiting to find suitable opportunities.  

And the platforms are handy and accessible.  

There are three “Paid AUC Network” WhatsApp groups.  

How do they function? What can they do for you?  

These groups include AUC students, alumni, non-aucians, and employers, all exchanging tips, information, and detailed job offers.  

Anyone can send a message, expressing that they need an individual for any paid task or job.  

The diversity of the opportunities- part-time, full-time, freelancing, one-time, and so on- insures that you can find so much with your limited time, little experience, and developing skills.  

Both of my jobs are easy; I am a part-time copywriter and freelance recruiter.  

For something more dynamic and interactive, there is the Facebook group, Rate AUC Professors.  

It operates the same way, except that this is generally limited to students and alumni, but you can find each other and collaborate on an amazing and profitable project! Who knows? 

The group is also a place to evaluate your professors to get the right courses.  

It is also the right place to get funky about your stifling workload and professional ambitions.  

But don’t let lack of experience and corporate pressure put you down.  

Our ways of getting cash and experience are awesome! 

We are all people; we all want to better our lives, and to make more money!  

And these groups function accordingly; Eclius functions accordingly!  

Building an Eclius profile means it knows your interests and aspirations, and knows you: your personality.  

It gives you more information and relevance in job posts, no need for hours of browsing and tuns of notifications, but they still come in handy with the variety and no setting-up.  

Let’s grow and be ready for the market and the world! 

Or maybe, let’s go with the flow, no effort required for that one! 

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