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pro student
/prəʊ ˈstjuːdnt/

a person who is studying and receives payments or financial rewards that are directly related to their skill or reputation in their field of study at university or other place of higher education. 

Why become a pro student?

You’ll make money, gain CV-boosting experience, and get to know a wide range of people, and find good friends in the career you want to pursue.


It means you get to kickstart a career which you love, with the people you love, and learn a lot about with product/ service experience that really solves a problem.

Student Led

Everyone is a student, so we can all call ourselves eternal geeks.


You’ll be working on products and services that go to market making profit and/or solve a problem.

Well paid

Take home from EGP£17 £85/hour, with no experience needed.

Match Making

Meet people who share the same priorities, have the same values, and want to achieve the same goals.

How does Eclius work?

Eclius simplifies the path from student to opportunity. Students share their interests and skills, and Eclius matches them with projects, internships or even jobs.


It's a bridge between students and real-world experiences, making it easy for both sides to find the perfect fit.

A Community That Cares

More than just working together, we’re here for each other, sharing knowledge, offering support, and celebrating our wins.

Guidance at Every Step

Stuck on something? Our community is here to help, with members ready to lend their expertise and advice.

Everyones Welcome

Your major is your strength, not a box. We find you projects that need what you know.

Interdisciplinary Matching

Our inclusive approach ensures the perfect alignment between projects and the wide array of skills our members offer.

What do I get?

Business Owners are called Entrepreneurs around here, but its like ice cream its just a name.

What we do for you here is find you talent from university or fresh alumni to build the team that achieves a goal. 

We will support with your HR requirements helping you plan and find the best fits for your budget, aims and style.

University Students are called Talent around here, you should hold true to what your called.

Go get ready! We take your goals, personality and skills and get you the project/ internship/ job you fall perfectly into. Its a  

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